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Social care and commitment to sustainability mark the first meeting of the Humanization Cycle

Social care and commitment to sustainability mark the first meeting of the Humanization Cycle


August started in full swing for Pro Criança Cardiac collaborators, gathered virtually for the first lecture of the institution’s Humanization Cycle. The initiative provides for a monthly meeting – free and open to the public – on various subjects and for different audiences. The objective is to reinforce investment in Humanized Governance practices, pioneered in the Third Sector by Pro Criança, in the second half of this year.

Those who conducted the training on “The Future of Organizations and ECG Factors” were Mariana Brunelli, a PhD student in Administration at the PUC-Rio Business School, and Renata Coutinho, a Master in Business Administration from the same university. The mediation was carried out by professor Luana Lourenço, from Ocean Consultoria.

The speakers shared their knowledge on the topic, which also culminates in excellent medical care thanks to team satisfaction, and gave a retrospective on the transformations of organizations over time, with Corporate Responsibility as one of the central points.

The need for transparency experienced in the desire to inform about their practices, fairness in the treatment of employees, accountability and sustainability were at the center of the explanations. More than profit, companies and organizations, according to the speakers, began to adopt activism as the key to their success. At the same time, those that adopt Humanized Governance are more perennial and survive, reinforcing the equation of social + environmental care.

This Governance, according to the speakers, must be appropriate to the size of the company and its peculiarities, always remembering that every corporation is a set of parts/human beings and that the more empathy they produce with employees, the more satisfaction and commitment they can.

The medical and executive directors of Pro Criança, Isabela Rangel and Mitzy Cremona, reinforced humanization, with employees at the center of attention, as a path of no return within an institution that works daily with the purposes of love and giving of oneself to others .

by Pro Cardíaca
Interactor at thedotgood.

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