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Pro Criança Cardiac launches its Code of Ethics and Conduct

Pro Criança Cardiac launches its Code of Ethics and Conduct


Standard in the corporate world and increasingly necessary in the third sector, guidelines that govern internal and external relations with Pro Criança were developed in partnership with the renowned Ulhôa Canto Advogados Office.

Ethics, honesty, integrity, reliability, respect, transparency and coherence have always been very dear values for society as a whole, essential for the unblemished reputation of companies and, in recent decades, also for the Third Sector in the country, which is growing in leaps and bounds. wide. According to the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), there are more than 820,000 Civil Society Organizations active in Brazil.

One of them is Pro Criança Cardiac, which launches its Code of Ethics and Conduct on February 19th, next Wednesday, at a closed event. After the launch, there will be training aimed at the institution’s employees, suppliers and service providers in the auditorium of the Botafogo Medical Center (Rua Dona Mariana, 143). The opening will be given by Mitzy Cremona Conde, lawyer and Executive Director of Pro Criança Cardiac, and the training will be conducted by the Institution’s volunteer lawyer, Fernanda Freitas, partner at the Ulhôa Canto Advogados Office, a partner of Pro Criança for 11 years.

“Pro Criança Cardiac’s mission is to offer the best in medicine for children, with care guided by rigorous standards of quality and professional ethics. We also want to be pioneers in excellence in the implementation, training and compliance with compliance standards and guidelines, thus becoming a reference in the Third Sector”, highlights Dr. Rosa Celia Pimentel Barbosa, founder and president of the institution.

Pro Criança Cardiac’s Code of Ethics and Conduct was prepared by lawyers Mitzy Cremona Conde and Fernanda Freitas and is governed by the following fundamental principles: Strict compliance with the law, Respect for work and workers, Environmental responsibility and Rejection of corruption.

The guidelines contained therein must be observed by the institution and all its collaborators – employees and third parties acting on behalf of Pro Criança. The Code will be widely disseminated among associates, directors, advisors, administrators, doctors, partners, donors, employees, volunteers, service providers, suppliers, representatives, contractors, donors, sponsors and third parties in general who, in some way, collaborate to the development of the organization.

“It is an important step to enable and preserve our mission, vision and values, guiding and serving as a reference to all employees for professional and personal performance that encompasses the highest ethical standards, honesty and integrity”, adds Dr. Rosa Celia.

by Pro Cardíaca
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