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Who we are

Thank you for visiting our website. Our cookie and personal data policy covers your visits and interactions at https://thedotgood.net and for reviewing our privacy policy.


When you add a post or a comment on thedotgood website, you must be login. We do not wish to accept comments that may be sent from unreliable or unverified sources. We enjoy and encourage open and fair exchanges on thedotgood website. Your browser sends data when requesting to access one of our webpages: Such data may be your IP address and your Internet service provider. These data are also collected so to protect our audience from inappropriate comments. thedotgood can use any legal means to verify and validate the publishing of your comment. When submitting a comment you have control over the public display of your identity as author of your comment. Please note that we do not accept anonymous comments nor unverified ID author. For the time being, we moderate comments.


When posting and commenting on thedotgood platform, you need to have your account. We use cookies for your comfort to facilitate your connection and login. Such cookies are temporary and do not contain personal data. They are deleted when you close your browser.

When you log in, we use cookies to save your login connection information. Such cookies are deleted after 2 (two) days. If you tick “Remember me” such cookies will be deleted after 2 (two) weeks if you stay logged in. However, if you log out from your account, such cookies will immediately be deleted.

Cookies that save your screen preferences are valid for one year.

When posting or modifying a post, a cookie will be recorded in your browser. It does not contain any personal data. It memorizes the ID of the post you’ve published or modified. That cookie is automatically deleted after one day.

Embedded content from other websites

Any media and content from other websites that you upload in a comment, post, or profile may include cookies from these websites and will behave accordingly to their Cookie and Privacy policy. Consider that these cookies do not fall under thedotgood policy and be mindful when uploading such content as these websites may extract and collect personal data thanks to content that you post on thedotgood website, in particular, if you own an account with them.

Personal data associated with your login

When you email a request for resetting your password, your IP address will be embedded in thedotgood replying email allowing you to proceed to a resetting. 

Storage of your personal data

We do store personal data for managing your account at thedotgood and all your interactions, whether commercial or editorial when you are logged in. When commenting and posting on thedotgood website, content and metadata are stored indefinitely. This allows us to recognize and manage your interactions with other users and with us, and your comments and posts over time.


When uploading media in posts, comments, or SGO profile, please make sure that it is copyright free or agreed. Please do not use media with GPS embedded coordinates to avoid geo targetting.

Rights to access your personal data

You can access and manage your personal data in your account at any time directly when visiting the dashboard of your account.

You can request to receive a file with all your personal data that is stored on thedotgood website. You can also request for all your personal data to be deleted; we do not delete data that are necessary for administrative, legal, safety, and accountability purposes. You can request that deleting at any time, including when your services are terminated or when your account has been closed.

Once your account has been closed, it is deactivated. However, your personal data are no longer used by thedotgood except for administrative, legal, safety, and accountability purposes.

Transmission of your personal data

We do not operate the transfer of stored personal data to any party.

Last updated May 19, 2022