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Founder and president of Pro Criança is among the 50 authors of “The post-pandemic world”

Founder and president of Pro Criança is among the 50 authors of “The post-pandemic world”


The founder of Pro Criança Cardiac, Dr. Rosa Celia, is among the 50 authors of the book The Post-Pandemia World, which has just been released by Nova Fronteira and was organized by lawyer José Roberto de Castro Neves. Personalities that are references in their fields participated in the work, such as actress Fernanda Torres, journalist and presenter Pedro Bial and businessman Roberto Medina. Copyright will be fully transferred to Pro Criança Cardiac.

The Post-Pandemic World brings reflections on the before and after Covid-19 as a determining episode in this century and debates the consequences of recent political, health and economic actions. What should we expect for our future and the future of the next generations? A drastic transformation in everything human? Or just the return of the world as it always was?

In the book, personalities give their opinion on the main spheres of human action, taking into account each of their complexities and dilemmas: cardiologist Rosa Célia wrote about the importance of social projects and the interface of hers, Pro Criança Cardiac, with the own life story. The importance of the third sector, reinforced in times of pandemic, is also in Dr. Rosa’s text, who hopes that, from everything that is being experienced, there will be some learning for the future.

Among her considerations is also the role of medical institutions beyond caring for patients infected by the coronavirus. For her, part of worrying about those who are at home and suffering the effects of isolation, who are without basic goods, without housing, for example.

Dr. Rosa believes that the pandemic brought about the mobilization of people and institutions, making everyone more generous, whether in the form of partnerships or individually. She saw this happen up close at Pro Criança and the number of donations increased, despite the difficulties.

“I have great hope that these changes in trajectory will remain, so that more and more people will benefit”, wrote Dr. Rosa, and also brought to reflection the words of businessman Joey Reiman, which, for her, should be valid for life : “Fierce competition is not sustainable. Compassion is. In the decades to come, companies will focus on the business of life and work for the biggest customer of all: humanity.”

by Pro Cardíaca
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