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All Eligibility Pass are valid for one year and automatically renewed. At any time, one can login and manage automatic renewals. If your SGO has an active Leader Pack, renewal of Eligibility Pass is included in your pack.

Login and access your SGO dashboard. Add a new official representative and cancel rights of the person who is no longer an official representative.

Any SGO can manage multiple official representatives. When visiting your SGO dashboard, add name to your list of official representatives, and manage as you best see fit. This comes at no extra costs.

No. When an SGO wish to creates its profile for the first time, an Eligibility Pass is mandatory. If an SGO has an existing profile and does not renewal its Eligibility Pass, the profile will not be deleted and will be part of thedotgood SGO directory.

Please note that SGOs cannot manage their profile without an Eligibility Pass.

When an SGO wishes to manage the existing profile of its organization, it will be required to earn an Eligibility Pass. Among other reasons, verifying the ID of any official representative claiming to take over a profile is mandatory for thedotgood to allocate control of an existing profile.

Once your SGO has earned its Eligibility Pass, you can decide to enter into one or multiple contests. You can also pause and get your SGO better prepared before filling the Official Contender Application form.


When a new SGO joins thedotgood platform, after it has earned an Eligibility Pass, it can decide to fill in a Competition Application form. That form is an application, not yet a profile. To obtain a profile at thedotgood you will have to look into our Services page. Creating a profile means that you need to purchase the Profile Management service or any of thedotgood packs (Starter, Pioneer, Leader). Then, anyone of thedotgood’s audience will be able to find your organization profile.

Alternatively, your SGO may decide to skip entering a contest and directly purchase a service to create its profile at thedotgood.

Keep in mind that the Open profile service means that your SGO is no longer behind thedotgood’s paywall. 

The regular launching season for announcing thedotgood’s annual listings is January. SGOs that purchased the Ranking Alert service receive confirmation of their ranking 3 weeks before announcement of the lists. This allows your comms team to prepare and optimize your message and fundraising efforts. Team building and reputation do also greatly benefit from such good prep.

Whatever the efforts we put into methodology, we enjoy that process to be a human led process. Methodology is based on criteria to limit inconsistencies and bias. It is not made public to avoid SGOs trying to play it around. However, thedotgood’s guide provides as much support as possible to help with the filling in of the Competition application form. Information and transparency being critical will help optimize scoring. Going beyond optimization means another kind of effort, addressing some key challenges, targeting room for improvement, and building on assets. thedotgood offers specific support to SGOs willing to explore that separate line of thinking. 

No. Currently, the Blogger Pass does not include the Reader Pass rights. Contributions by thedotgood writers, columnists, and experts are of critical importance to the social good sphere. Keep in mind that all guest contributions are freemium and not behind thedotgood’s pay-wall – everybody will be able to read your contribution when you provide them a link or when they come and visit thedotgood website. To read our exclusive content, users with a Blogger Pass are requested to purchase a Reader subscription or a subscription that includes the Reader Pass rights – such as an Interactor Pass, you can still like and follow all SGOs with an open profile. To like and follow more SGOs you will need to upgrade your Blogger Pass

If you wish to become an Interactor within the 30 days following your purchase of a Reader Pass or a Blogger Pass, you will only have to pay the difference between what you’ve already paid and 88.-CHF (if you are an individual) or 48.-CHF if you are a student.

Past 30 days since your first purchased you will not be able to benefit from that special offer and will have to pay for the regular price any extra service. Please note that:

– Duration of subscription of a bundle at a discounted price will end on the ending date of your first purchase.

– Any purchase of a regular service (not part of a bundle) will come with a new ending date different from your previously paid service. 

Yes. The same rule applies for someone holding a Reader Pass. Purchase within 30 days to benefit from the best deal; or pay the regular price for Blogger Pass past 30 days.

The idea behind the Free Pass is to allow visitors to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ the SGOs that do have an Open Profile. In most cases, Open Profiles are updated and contain relevant info. SGOs caring about their profile have strong transparency standards and value the information they provide to the public.

We believe in the power of not just being interconnected but being able to interact. We understand it as the best way for the social good sphere to grow. To date, thedotgood has decided to favor the following interactions: read, share, comment, write, connect, and reach out. Hopefully, soon, thedotgood will add a second batch of interactions, and we obviously welcome all your suggestions and ideas to this avail.

Read: All thedotgood Reader packs are annual subscription giving you access to our exclusive listings, surveys, polls, and articles. Search: Find the SGOs and ‘good dots’ you are looking for. Whether you are looking to invest, study, research, or reach out, thedotgood is your gateway to the social good sphere. Alert: thedotgood will keep you posted when your favorite SGOs will publish new papers and key annual documents and updates. Like: Show your support and contribute to the good reputation of your favorite SGOs. Follow: Your list of favorite SGOs will appear in your dashboard. Don’t miss anything new about them. Comments: You wish to react to our blog posts and wish to share an experience or view. You’re very welcome. Vote: thedotgood will run polls and surveys and hopes to hear from you. IP Recognition: All collective annual subscriptions can have collective access to all members connected from the same IP/set of IPs. Good for class, labs, and teams.

Manage your contact info and account settings directly from your dashboard once logged in.

When logging in, you can easily renew, terminate or upgrade your Pass. Visit your dashboard to handle every pass and service you’re using at thedotgood.

When logging in and purchasing a pass or a service from thedotgood, you’ve accepted its Terms and Conditions. Visit our T&C page to catch up with all relevant details in relation to your usage of thedotgood.

You can change your password at any time when logging in. If you can’t login, please use the link on the login page to retrieve a new password. If you’ve lost access to your email box, feel free to drop us a line at info@thedotgood.net. We’ll see how we can help.

Whether having a Pass, a Blog, or managing an SGO profile, all services associated with your account are annual subscriptions with automatic renewal. You can suspend automatic renewal and manually manage any renewals. Keep in mind that all annual periods are non-refundable unless there was a mistake on thedotgood’s end. Read the terms and conditions you have accepted when you purchased a service at thedotgood. Feel free to reach out if you have changed your email address and cannot log in or change your password in due time. We’re at your service at info@thedotgood.net

In your dashboard, you can easily manage all your admin info.