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Fees and Payments

Fees and Payments

We and our licensors, vendors, and/or service providers may charge you fees for merchandise, products, and/or services, including without limitation Content, offered through the Service, and/or for access to portions of the Service or the Service as a whole. You agree to pay all fees and charges, including applicable taxes and surcharges, incurred through your activity on or through the Service and/or through your account/profile at the rates in effect for the billing period in which such fees and charges are incurred (such fees, charges, taxes, and surcharges shall collectively be referred to as “Fees”). Unless otherwise specified on the Service, all Fees will be quoted and charged in CHF. We and our licensors, vendors, and/or service providers reserve the right to change the amount of, or basis for determining, any Fees, and to institute new Fees, effective upon publication of such revised pricing on the Service.

We may charge Fees in advance and on a monthly, yearly, lump sum, or other basis. Fees for certain merchandise, products, and/or services, including without limitation Content, may be invoiced on your mobile carrier’s bill. We may, in our sole discretion, charge Fees to your designated payment method individually, or elect to aggregate Fees for some or all of your purchases. All Fees are due prior to granting access to our product and services. Fees are non-refundable – see our Refunding Policy below. You must notify us about any billing problems or discrepancies within thirty (30) days after they first appear on your statement; otherwise, you waive any right to challenge or dispute such problem or discrepancy.

If Fees cannot be charged to the payment method you designate or payment is returned to us for any reason, including chargeback, we reserve the right, in addition to our other remedies, to; (i) demand immediate payment of all outstanding Fees due to us from you; (ii) assess an additional 1.5 percent late charge, or the highest amount allowed by law, whichever is lower; (iii) take any and all lawful steps necessary to collect fees owed to us, and you will be responsible for all expenses incurred in connection with such collection activity, including collection fees, court costs, and attorneys’ fees; (iv) charge such Fees to any other payment method you have on file with us; and (v) terminate, discontinue, suspend, and/or restrict your account/profile, your ability to access, visit and/or use the Service or any portion thereof, and/or the Agreement, including without limitation any of our purported obligations hereunder.

In addition, you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining at your own expense all equipment, hardware, software, telephone, mobile, wireless, Internet, and other services necessary to access, visit, and/or use the Service. If you are accessing the Service via a mobile device, your mobile carrier may charge you fees for data, text messaging, and other mobile access or communications services.

thedotgood (TDGMG SA) does not retain credit, debit, or other payment information at any time. All information related to each specific means of payment goes through our service provider for payment. thedotgood cannot be held responsible for errors or mistakes related to the use of our service providers such as Paypal or Stripe, or  Paypal and Stripe’s service failure.

Cancellation of Services Subscription

Access to content and services at thedotgood are paid for a one-year period of subscription unless otherwise specified. All subscriptions are set with an automatic renewal at the end of the one-year period. The customer is solely responsible for terminating and canceling a subscription. The customer can access his/her account at any time, once he/she has subscribed to a service with an automatic renewal and set cancellation of his/her subscription(s) at thedotgood.

All subscriptions terminate at the end of the one-year period if so requested by the customer.

To terminate a service the customer will log in to his/her account and manage his/her subscriptions. In case the customer has no longer access to the email used to contract the subscription, the customer is invited to write to info@thedotgood before the automatic renewal is completed so that thedotgood can cancel the subscription before renewal, on behalf of the customer. In order for thedotgood to do so, the customer will have to justify why he/she has no longer access to that email box. If the renewal has been completed, the customer must get back to thedotgood within thirty (30) days; thedotgood will review the customer request in a timely manner.

WARNING: thedotgood is not responsible for updating the customer information, including its contact info such as e-mail address, phone number, or postal address. thedotgood is not responsible for the customer moving to a new location or country, nor if the customer leaves his/her position at the company he/she was working with at the moment when he/she subscribed, whether he/she subscribed as an individual or on behalf of a company. As a courtesy, though not mandatory, thedotgood sends two emails prior to the automatic renewal of any subscription. thedotgood is not responsible for the fact that the customer may or may not receive or read these emails. Again, thedotgood does send these pre-renewal emails as a courtesy and not absence of receiving them, having these emails stuck in a spam filter, and/or absence of reading them cannot be held against thedotgood as a breach of contract, including whether thedotgood decides to stop sending any such courtesy emails.


  1. If a customer has purchased twice the same service, whether mandatory or optional, he/she must write to thedotgood within seven (7) days. thedotgood will review the case and will take appropriate measures if undue payment was performed.
  2. If an automatic renewal was executed and the customer was not able to cancel his/her subscription(s) before the renewal date, the customer must write to thedotgood within thirty (30) days. thedotgood will review the case and will take appropriate measures if undue payment was performed.
  3. thedotgood never refunds pro rata temporis a subscription for the time between the date of cancellation and the last day of subscription before renewal. Once a subscription has started it is entirely due for its entire one-year period.

Need help?

Contact us at info@thedotgood.net for questions related to cancellation and refund.