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“We’ve Gone Through Proof of Concept in Very Diverse Conflict Contexts”

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Few non-profit organisations were born in the Middle East, (Jordan), but how many worldwide have accomplished what Generations For Peace has in just ten years? The story isn’t about funding or tradition. It’s about modernity, brightness, elegance and efficiency. Generations For Peace (GFP) is an incredible fast learning, fast growing, peacebuilding machine, rooted in a […]

“We See the Opportunity for This Model to be Replicated in Other Spheres”

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Symphonia for South Africa is partnering under-resourced school principals with seasoned business leaders to strengthen leadership and management capacity. Since they began in 2010, they are getting close to 700 pairings.  We speak with Louis Van Rhyn, founder and CEO of this amazing social entreprise based in South Africa – one of the three new […]

“Brazilian Private Sector Has Paused Its Social Investment”

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Fernando Alvez, CEO of Brazilian NGO, Citizen Network (Rede Cidadã), acknowledges the impact of the ‘impeachment’ crisis and the ongoing turmoil in Brazilian politics and civil society. Innovation will make a difference to get through. by Jean-Christophe Nothias | Editor   Jean-Christophe Nothias (JCN): It might be difficult for outsiders to understand what is going […]

“The Idea Behind BRAC is to Change Systems of Inequity”

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. Photo Nasir Ali Mamun 17 e1483735071649 - thedotgood.

As the World Top SGOs new edition is going live, we’ve decided to launch a series of interviews with executives of organizations that are part of the rankings, the Ivy League of the “for-good” world. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Founder and Chairperson of BRAC, opens the series on behalf of 118,000+ employees working for what […]

“Voices of Color Hasten Decline of the Death Penalty”

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Throughout U.S. history and today, African-Americans have been disproportionately harmed by the death penalty. As many African-American leaders call for its repeal, America needs to recognize capital punishment’s shameful past and present, end this failed practice, and focus instead on effective responses to violence that serve the community. By Laura Porter – Equal Justice USA […]

“The World is on Fire”

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by Jean-Christophe Nothias | Editor   With the World Humanitarian Summit fast approaching, Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO of Mercy Corps, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his vision for the Summit, how aid can do better, and what’s coming next for the international humanitarian system. Jean-Christophe Nothias (JCN): What have been the key […]

“I Want to Maintain Hope in the World Humanitarian Summit”

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Though the organization participated in preparatory meetings for next week’s World Humanitarian Summit, Kimse Yok Mu (KYM) was inexplicably not invited. In this interview, KYM ‘s CEO Ayşe Özkalay explains that the prominent Turkish NGO has hope that the WHS will deliver on its promise of a realistic global humanitarian agenda. by Jean-Christophe Nothias | Editor   […]