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Non-Governmental Organizations: A Long and Turbulent History

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by Thomas Davies Like economic globalization, transnational civil society is often seen as a recent phenomenon. From the worldwide protests of the Occupy Movement, to environmental advocacy campaigns ahead of RIO+20, and multi-faceted development programs implemented on a global scale, it is tempting to assume we live in an entirely new era of NGO activity. […]

“Voices of Color Hasten Decline of the Death Penalty”

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Throughout U.S. history and today, African-Americans have been disproportionately harmed by the death penalty. As many African-American leaders call for its repeal, America needs to recognize capital punishment’s shameful past and present, end this failed practice, and focus instead on effective responses to violence that serve the community. By Laura Porter – Equal Justice USA […]

Growing Investment in Cluster Munitions Despite International Bans Against Use

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by Megan Burke, Director, Cluster Munition Coalition    On December 12th , 2015, Hussein Saed, of Al-Hayma Port, Hodaida governorate in Yemen, watched as parachutes carrying bombs exploded over his village. One of the munitions hit the wall of his brother Ali Saed’s home, taking his wife’s leg and injuring their four-year old daughter. Another […]

Between Control and Co-Option: The Future of Civil Society in Erdoğan’s Turkey

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by Jessica Doyle   Turkey has been at the forefront of global political interest in recent years as policy makers have struggled to deal with the Syrian crisis, and concerned citizens, journalists and academics have sought to draw attention to growing state illiberalism under the Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi; hereafter AKP). […]

Where Next for the Impact Movement?

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by Tris Lumley The rise of the impact movement over the past decade has triggered a major shift in the fabric of the nonprofit world. It would be difficult to find a social sector leader today who said that measuring impact wasn’t an important aspect of their work. Nonprofits must be able to hold themselves […]