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White January is mental health awareness month.

White January is mental health awareness month.


The first month of the year brings with it a motivation for change, transformation and new directions. The color white symbolizes purity, the color white reflects all the colors of the spectrum.

A blank paper, a blank canvas presents itself in the immensity of the possibilities of creation.

Choosing this month as a campaign for mental health makes us reflect on this openness in our lives as an active subject responsible for this perspective, which is why it is not restricted to just one month, it must be maintained throughout the year so that it does not pass. This is what requires so much attention from us.

The social bond is what is relevant and consequently presents relationships to us as an investigation of our mental health condition, man and his confrontation with anguish, with others, with the pain of existing, inherent to each one.

Any suffering calls for a look at the one that makes us equal.

Some psychiatric illnesses frighten us, for example, schizophrenia, which is one of the ways in which the subject locates himself in the world, which does not cease to be a subject in his singularity, but this subject establishes himself within the scope of the severity of psychopathologies, neglecting all the other forms of psychic illness that are established in our humanity.

How many depressive children and young people with difficulties, affected, who present compromising conditions at an astonishing speed, how many suicides occur.

We are currently suffering a true inner battle evidenced in the post-pandemic phase, in a single moment, which increases, individualized traumatic effects that already exist and which materialize in the overflow of relationships!

Discomfort will always exist, but there is a way to have a different way of positioning the subject in the face of this discomfort.

Be a driver of mental health in your life, be present not in an absolute and sealed knowledge of what you heard about.

Be a protagonist of your story, act, be interested, talk about it, observe what writing and coloring you can do in this blank space that life offers you!

We, at Pro Criança Cardiac, are attentive to your actions and wisdom in supporting this never-ending campaign.

Claudia Marcia Blois, Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

According to Dr Isabela Rangel, the psychological care in the project provides support to the patient and family, dealing with the psychological issues associated with heart disease.

“We mainly seek to develop resilience in the preoperative period and promote understanding of one’s own feelings regarding the disease, in addition to developing acceptance of the patient’s restrictions on the usual activities of their age. It is important to highlight that conditions related to both emotional and socioeconomic needs are also addressed”, declares the Medical Director of Pro Criança.

by Pro Cardíaca
Interactor at thedotgood.

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