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Time to Join the 2023 Contests: Become a Top SGO List’s Official Contender

The list of Official Contenders for the 2023 rankings will begin to appear by December 1st, 2022. Time to join and update profile.

by The [.] Newsroom
From thedotgood's Editorial Desk

Since 2022, thedotgood has set an official process for any SGO to learn how to be part of any contest and possibly be listed.

The official list of contenders for 2023, sorted by competition – which ranking an SGO is aiming at joining – will be announced and published on our website. The lists will begin to appear by December 1st, 2022 and will be enriched on a rolling basis.

Contenders will be sorted by competition (whether an SGO wishes to be listed in a world, regional, and country list) and status – whether an SGO is thedotgood’s pick, or if it has officially registered to become an official contender – if you wish to learn more about becoming an official contender and the benefits to be one, please read more here.

New Official Contender requests for the 2023 rankings will close on January 31st, 2023. Official Contender requests past that date will be part of the scoring for 2024.

Scoring for 2023 will close by midnight on February 28, 2023, – no new data will be taken into consideration past that date for the 2023 rankings. However please note that SGOs/NGOs managing their profile can update at any time all year long.

How do we source contenders?

All year round, we scout the Social Good Sphere and look for more SGOs. We’ve been doing so for a decade and will keep doing it that way. That’s our basic duty and freedom. With millions of SGOs worldwide, we know that this is a daunting task. We do appreciate it when you reach out to introduce an organization and are thankful for that. Please keep doing it.

However good the cause is, an organization can still have some way to go before entering the Ivy League in its country, region, or beyond that. That is why we’ve got an official contender process for SGOs with strong motivation and willingness to make sure that they will participate in the next contest. You can read more here.


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