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Pro Criança Cardiac celebrates heart month with new vacancies and “Use your heart” campaign to save lives

Pro Criança Cardiac celebrates heart month with new vacancies and “Use your heart” campaign to save lives


September is the month of the heart. And Pro Criança Cardiac launches the “Use your heart” campaign, with the aim of inspiring unity and promoting generosity. Everyone united in favor of cardiac children, no matter how: volunteering, donating via PIX (the key is the email: procriança@procrianca.org.br) or some item, such as powdered food to support needy families whose children are undergoing treatment.

“Intense, nostalgic, rational, dreamy and generous hearts. There is always a way to touch each person’s feelings to help those in need”, declared Dr. Rosa Celia, founder and president of Pro Criança Cardiac.

Currently, Pro Criança has around 16 new monthly vacancies for first care, to be filled depending on availability or urgency previously assessed by the medical team. It has a medical team, nutrition, dentistry and psychology services in appropriate facilities to provide children with serious care and guarantee families the comfort they need during the process.

Since 1996, the institution has offered excellent cardiology services in the treatment of needy children with congenital heart diseases and integrated social actions for this population. Even with the path of success and recognition in the Third Sector (among its certifications it won the Best NGOs Award three times in a row), it strives to increase its commitment to society and bring medical care to those who cannot pay for it.

“Our partners and the donations we receive also allow us to help with basic food baskets and other essential items. In the Project, it is the monitoring and awareness of the need for it that defines the success of any treatment”, says Dr. Rosa.


Non-profit medical institution founded in 1996 by cardiologist Dr. Rosa Celia. In 26 years, it has served more than 15 thousand children and adolescents with cardiac needs, carried out more than 36 thousand cardiological consultations and 1,600 invasive procedures, cardiac surgeries and catheterizations – diagnostic and therapeutic.

At the headquarters, around 140 patients are treated monthly by a team of highly qualified professionals, who carry out clinical assessments, electrocardiograms, echocardiograms and 24-hour Holter monitoring. Other outpatient exams, such as hematological evaluation and tomography, and invasive procedures, including heart surgeries and catheterizations, are carried out at the Pro Criança Jutta Batista Pediatric Hospital, a partner of the Pro Criança Cardiac Project.

After discharge from hospital, a return to the outpatient clinic is scheduled for the child to continue treatment. Throughout the process, the same team accompanies the patient offering full support.


Donations via PIX: procriança@procrianca.org.br

Openings for service: Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm and WhatsApp only: 55 21 9 8237-3394

by Pro Cardíaca
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