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Pro Criança is accredited with ESG Rating A

Pro Criança Cardiac records the highest number of cardiological services since its foundation and is accredited with ESG Rating A.


Pro Criança Cardiac begins 2023 by celebrating saved lives and the contribution to the scenario of congenital heart disease in Brazil, which affects around 30 thousand children per year. The social organization, founded and led by cardiologist Dr. Rosa Celia, provided 1,933 consultations in 2022, the highest number of consultations since its creation in 1996, and absorbed a further 207 children for cardiological monitoring. The beginning of the year is also being marked by Humanizada’s ESG Rating A accreditation, a very important recognition for a Third Sector organization.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, congenital heart defects represent 40% of all malformations at birth, being the condition that kills the most in childhood. The first service is the beginning of a care trajectory – after preventive care during the mother’s pregnancy – and, at Pro Criança, it is carried out by a team of qualified professionals with clinical assessment, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and 24-hour Holter monitoring. In 2022, Pro Criança Cardiaca welcomed another 207 families.

The medical director of Pro Criança Cardiac, Dr. Isabela Rangel, explains that congenital heart defects are anomalies in the structure and/or function of the heart, which occur during fetal life and reinforces the importance of early diagnosis. “The work carried out at Pro Criança Cardiac is fundamental, as it provides the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of these patients in addition to providing the necessary support to the family”, explains the cardiologist, highlighting that all assistance promoted by the Project is only possible through the contributions of partners and thanks to the participation of volunteers in various tasks. “Without them, it wouldn’t be possible”, declares Dr. Isabela.

In 26 years of operation, 151 thousand people were impacted, 15,255 patients were treated, 100 thousand consultations were performed and 1,703 invasive procedures were performed. Data was recorded until November 2022.

According to the executive director of Pro Criança Cardiac, Mitzy Cremona, the best year in the history of Pro Criança is due to executive management fully integrated with the care goals established by Dr. Rosa Celia and Dr. Isabela Rangel, as well as the commitment to the principles of transparency and agility in reporting. “It is extremely important to attribute the results achieved in 2022 to the efficiency of the best corporate governance practices adopted and the effective participation of Directors in the strategies adopted”, she explains.

The ESG rating A accreditation, released in the first days of 2023, endorses the high level of organizational maturity, meaning that Pro Criança Cardiac works with better ESG Performance (Environmental, social and governance), customer satisfaction, well-being, trust , diversity, transparency and ethics. Consequently, it also means obtaining better financial results in the medium and long term, explains Mitzy Cremona.

In addition to numbers that positively impact lives, in 2022 the social organization also received one of the most respected seals in the country in the area of Human Resources, being certified by Great Place To Work Brasil in organizational climate, which allows the measurement, in a practical way, of the employees’ perception of the company, in addition to their results in favor of internal actions for the necessary improvements.


Awards and honors in 2022

Certifications and awards throughout 2022 highlighted Pro Criança Cardiac, including the LIDE Social Responsibility Award for being the social organization that most actively contributed to a better business scenario in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Ocean Integrated Recognition Governance was considered a Pioneer in the Implementation of Humanized Governance.

In addition to these awards, the following can be highlighted:

Donate Seal, A+ score (maximum score);

PGT seal (Standards in Management and Transparency) by Instituto Doar. It guaranteed Pro Criança an A+ score, with a high standard of Management and Transparency. This certification analyzes more than 52 official documents of the organization;

Best NGOs 2019/2020/2021: Pro Criança won the Best NGOs in Brazil award for three consecutive years;

Top Performance Conscious Management: The social organization obtained a score of +92 in the Conscious Business Assessment, a survey carried out by the startup “Humanizados”, which brings the ranking of the most humanized companies in Brazil 2021;

Great Places To Work recognizes the best companies to work for nationwide and is based on reports from those who can actually evaluate them correctly: employees;

Best for Brazil: The multi-stakeholder assessment uses the Conscious Business Assessment (CBA®) instrument, which measures the stage of maturity and the quality of the relationships that the organization maintains with its different audiences.

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