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100 best NGOs in Brazil and one of the 15 best NGOs in health

100 best NGOs in Brazil and one of the 15 best NGOs in health


In a 27-year history, people have always been protagonists in the routine of Pro Criança Cardiac, which takes care of small and young people with heart problems and their families. The year 2020, however, brought attention to people management within the institution, which became the first in the Third Sector to implement a Humanized Governance process with a focus on employee satisfaction and well-being in the first place.

“When you live harmoniously, results also grow”, says Mitzy Cremona Conde, executive director of Pro Criança. With a series of training and other activities – which include a monthly Cycle that is free and open to the public – employees experience motivation.

– We are in a process of expansion and professionalization, which streamlines internal processes and shifts the focus of employees to the institution’s need for sustainability, declares Isabela Rangel, medical director of Pro Criança Cardiac.

To enable and preserve the mission, vision and values, guiding and serving as a reference to all employees for professional and personal performance that encompasses the highest ethical, honesty and integrity standards, the institution also recently designed the second edition of its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

And, in parallel, it is preparing to train employees and ensure that data collection, storage and use of personal data are increasingly in accordance with protection and security, as per the New Data Protection Law.

Turbo growth

According to Dr. Rosa Celia, founder of Pro Criança Cardiac, in addition to offering the best of medicine for children, with care guided by rigorous standards of quality and professional ethics, Pro wants to be a pioneer in excellence in implementation, training and compliance with compliance standards and guidelines and increasingly gain the trust of the partners who keep the Project active.

The restructuring of its internal processes also relies on consultancy hired from a global corporate services network, with more than 36 thousand employees, operating in 146 territories, for medium and long-term financial planning, without leaving aside the permanent social mentality .

These moments of pause and reflection are fundamental for any organization and for the success of its initiatives. The objective is to constantly strengthen itself, without losing focus on sustainability, as well as reinforcing its excellence through the formalization of organizational concepts that led, for example, to the institution being one of the Best NGOs in Brazil in 2019 and certified by the Doar A+ Seal in 2020, with 49 points out of a possible 52. These standards help donors, funders and supporters make decisions and reinforce the importance of transparency.

Pro Criança Cardiac dives into Conscious Capitalism to reinforce the movement against social inequality in Brazil

Recently, Pro Criança received the Partner/I SUPPORT seal from the Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Brasil, which exists to transform the way of making investments and business in Brazil, multiplying the pillars that lead to more humane, more ethical and more sustainable management and with the aim of reducing inequalities.

And it is also part of a select group of companies that are part of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance. For the executive director, Mitzy Cremona Conde, an NGO must work to have robust guidelines and policies equivalent to a large company in the Brazilian market.

And it was elected, for the second year in a row, one of the 100 Best NGOs in 2020

Pro Criança Cardiac won the 2020 Best NGOs Award for the second consecutive year for its good practices in governance, transparency, communication and financing. In a universe of 670 registered organizations, Pro Criança was also among the 15 best Brazilian NGOs in the health sector and among the eight best Non-Governmental Organizations in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Pro Criança Cardiac is a private medical and non-profit association, located in Botafogo, South Zone in Rio de Janeiro, and was founded in 1996 by pediatric cardiologist Dr. Rosa Celia. In 24 years of operation, it has served more than 15,500 children with cardiac needs, performed more than 35,000 outpatient visits and almost ,800 invasive procedures, cardiac surgeries and catheterizations (diagnostic and therapeutic).

by Pro Cardíaca
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