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The Age of the Social Good Enlightenment

Over the last decade, the non-profit sector has undergone profound changes, for the better.

It is time to recognize that the not-completely-financially-obsessed community is growing by the day, putting at the top of its priority list ideas that range from social well-being, universal and civil rights, justice and empowerment, sustainability, and the joy to deliver on any of these.

It is time to walk to a different tune and enjoy more sense, more collective efforts, and renewed individual satisfaction.

As often is the case, a new media builds itself out of a drifting reality of political, cultural, technological, and economical nature. Its inception and existence are de facto acknowledging such a changing state of play. Such a newborn media becomes a mirror to that new reality, belonging to it and also, to some extent, contributing to its shaping, fine-tuning, and sharing. thedotgood media project is no different.

The transformation we are looking at is happening from a quite unexpected corner of life: a ‘non-something’ that is now delivering more transformative drive to the world. The magnitude of the phenomenon is still unseen to many, as it was to French doctors and journalists aboard the vessel Ile de Lumière navigating from Noumea to the Chinese Sea to rescue ‘boat-people’ risking their life to flee Vietnam for a better life. The people behind the initiative blended humanitarian values to media attention and public awareness to take compassion to a next level. Physicians like Bernard Kouchner would then be seen on many battlefronts to fight famine, forced migration, abused and abandoned people, over the planet.

By the late 70’s the world started meeting on TV-sets and radios non-governmental actors crossing the fire line. They would simply ignore governments, and go for what was needed to be done. Charity du salon de thé was gone.

Today, the terms NGO and NPO fall short of covering the many forms people are using to bring moral sense and social meaning to our society. And indeed, digital and tech for-good doers, social entrepreneurs and investors have added spin to the transformation, efficiently questioning the CSR window-dressing efforts and calling the private sector to rethink its marketing/reputation approach of the Social Good movement. Many around us still don’t realize the magnitude of the phenomenon. Few years ago, it would be impossible to see a large leading private corporation directing itself under the Social Good banner. That global movement is mixing different models, using multiple formats and bylaws, all with a common principle: making money will no longer be an ultimate objective, their new core question being: “What social good do we deliver when we do what we are good at doing?”

thedotgood media project comes in time to help everyone participating in that social stream of action and everyone watching our world constantly transforming itself to open wide eyes on that revolution. And earn the best out of it before adding their own contribution to it.

The ‘non-something’ is gone. Welcome to the Social Good Enlightenment and its many forms.

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We, at thedotgood, believe that there is a globally-minded audience of readers who are hungry for more information about social good organizations and experiences in their communities and beyond national borders. Our understanding is that the social good sector is answering both an aspiration to transform our societies and perceptions, and an intimate desire to bring more sense in our collective decisions and conduct.

As a new media initiative, thedotgood’s mission is to focus, track and report about the transformative impact of social good organizations.


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