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Let’s talk innovation

The 2021 edition of thedotgood | yearbook is heading to Africa and its thriving Social Good sector.  Let’s celebrate the 100 most innovative social good organizations in Africa.

The 2021 edition of thedotgood | yearbook aims at showcasing organizations that demonstrate unique approaches in achieving meaningful impact and ensure that their contributions receive significant  international exposure and recognition.

Starting on Tuesday, 6 October 2020, thedotgood invites submissions from social good organizations across Africa to be considered for inclusion in the Africa 100 list.

Social good organizations focussing on the most critical issues confronting Africa, including Economic Empowerment, Health, Education, Governance, Food Security, Environmental Challenges and others, are invited to make submissions.

Don't miss the 31 January 2021 deadline


Organizations selected as part of the Africa 100 list will receive the following benefits:

Profiles of all 100 organizations will be published in thedotgood | yearbook 2021.

thedotgood | Africa 100 list will attract the attention of specialised and mainstream media.It is the first initiative of its kind in support of Social Good Organizations in Africa.

thedotgood | yearbook 2021 and thedotgood | Africa 100 list will be promoted at major international events (e.g. SKOLL Forum, WEF in Davos, WINGS Forum).

The 100 organizations will receive a dedicated logo to use on their websites and marketing
materials to promote their achievements.

The 100 organizations will be highlighted individually on various social media platforms.

200 leading international funding, development and related stakeholders will receive a complimentary copy of thedotgood | yearbook 2021.

The five most innovative and disruptive organizations will be Invited to attend the book  launch.


Social Good Organizations should be legally-incorporated and registered in an African country.

International Social Good Organizations with branches or offices in Africa will not be considered, but will qualify for inclusion in a special section in thedotgood | yearbook.

Individuals, entities that promote a religious or ideological doctrine, municipalities, and provincial or national governments will not be considered.

thedotgood. can at any time de-list an organization if it has intentionally provided  inaccurate information and data.

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Selection Process

A Selection Committee will review all applications to determine the Africa 100 list. The Committee will consist of the Editor and experts from the African and international non-profit, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship sectors.

The Selection Committee will use the following guiding principles when assessing all applications – please keep these in mind when preparing your applications to demonstrate your talent for innovation and disruption.


The organization is led by a visionary team whose social good objectives and values are embedded in the culture of the organisation. Its governance and management settings must be consistent with its overall strategy and mission.


The organization can describe its talent and ability for innovating solutions. Theory of Change might be a crucial element to explain innovative ways and solutions, but keep in mind that you will need to describe your reality and not just a conceptual vision.


The organization’s innovation is aimed at achieving a positive impact and disruption. Numbers and data best characterise the former. The organization should have a sound and viable economic and social model and a compelling strategic plan to pursue its future objectives.

#Strategy and inclusion

The organization has a strategy in place to optimise its model and execute its mission with other key roleplayers in its ecosystem.

#Issue Area

The mission of the organization is to address a critical and pressing issue in a local, regional, national, and transnational context, possibly one that is emerging or that has been neglected for a long time.

In addition, a high-level jury will review the Africa 100 to determine the five most innovative Social Good Organizations in Africa.
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All submissions must be
in English.

In order to submit your organization to the AFRICA 100 challenge, please follow through as indicated:

The applicant will have to create a personal account (free of charge). You will provide your contact details and your email will serve as your username. Set your password. Past that first step you will access the application form.

We will verify your information and possibly contact your organization to avoid any kind of abuse. An account can be deleted without further notice if any wrongdoing. Please follow through in order to activate your account in order to access the application form. Due to the number of applicants, activation of your account can take a couple of days. 

Thanks for your patience.

Once your account is activated, you will be able to start filling in the application form. You will be able to save in order to come back later at any time to add, change and complete the application until you are finished.

When your application is completed, please sign it (follow the on-line indications).

We will email you a confirmation that we have received your application. Please check your spam box, in case our email didn’t make it through.

How to best describe innovation in your organization

Please keep the following requirements in mind when
describing innovation in your organisation:

Social Good Organisations often don’t think of themselves as ‘disruptive or ‘innovative’ – their primary concern is to pursue impact and to find ways to achieve that. Some believe that only big corporations can afford to spend time and resources in their search for R&D purposes when, in fact, any organised entity does.

Innovation in Social Good Organisations is omnipresent to counterbalance limited funds and the complicated issues they have to solve. Innovation is often understood as a new product or technology solution. But innovation can take many forms.

Please read the

“How good is your organisation in terms of innovation?

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Do not underestimate your organization talent for innovation!